If you find yourself a bit bored in the bedroom, give these sex position a try:


This is one of the most preferred sex positions all over the world. It’s the female who becomes obedient and the man takes the full control. To practice it, the man kneels on the bed and the woman goes on all fours in front of him. Slide your dick into her vagina from behind and pound her while holding her torso. It will be upon you to go slow or fast. A man can decide to pull her hair and give her some spanks on the butt. This style permits a deep penetration and offers maximum pleasure.

Spread Eagle

If you are tired of the common styles and you are in for something different, try the spread-eagle position. To do it, the woman needs to lie facing upwards and let her legs spread well apart with her hands holding her feet. The man then should enter his penis in the vagina and do the pumping. He is the one in control of every motion and depth.

The Pancake

In this position, the woman needs to rest her legs on the man’s shoulders. As for the man, he should begin in a less vertical position and gradually descend while folding her. For a better leverage, the man should pull her back using her hands till she is closely near you. The thrusting is completely done by the man as the woman has limited movements. The closeness makes her pelvis to be tight which in turn makes you feel the vagina to be tight. Try this one and make your woman crave for more.

Legs on shoulder

This style is derived from the great missionary style. Here, a man will either lie on the woman, or a woman will be at the bed’s edge with the man leaning or standing on her legs. The penetration will totally be in control of the man, making it a deep penetration style. While pumping, the man needs to hold her legs closer to evade the thrusting and pushing her away.

Face to Face

When you and your partner are in need for a romance that involves slow sex, face to face is the solution. Here, both of you need to sit in such a way that you are opposite to each other (facing each other). The woman then is supposed to slide into the lap of the man and practically sit on top of him, followed by locking her legs at his back. Meanwhile the man should try and put together his feet so that he can create a cradle for her. The control here is given to the woman as she is in a position to move. This style assures both of you a simultaneous orgasm.